Wool, Fleeces and Yarns
Bred mainly for their fleeces, the combination of our breeds has been selected to compliment the requirements of the hand spinners ,felt producers and knitters; allowing choice of natural colours, wool which takes dyes and a variety of choice of texture for the requirement of the planned project. Fine
Portland Fleece and Yarn The fine, creamy fleece is much sought after by hand spinners. The good quality wool is close and fine with a short staple. The wool is a similar type of worsted wool that was used when hand knitting was a cottage industry in the English countryside, the worsted spun yarn produces a smoother less woolly fabric. Staple length- 6 to 9 cm
Fleece weight- Average 2kg
Micron range – 31 - 35 Coloured Ryeland Fleece This soft fine wool known a Leominster ore was probably the wool that helped put he 'great' in Great Britain. Shades vary from silver to deep chocolate. The wool does resist felting but is absolutely wonderful to spin producing warm bouncy yarns. Staple length - 5-8cm. Fleece weight - average 2.5 kg. Micon range - 30-32
Bowmont Fleece SOLD OUT! Fleece weight- Average 3.25kg
Micron range – 15 - 20
(fine Merino is usually 18 - 22) Medium
Border Leicester Fleece This Demi - Lustrous, long stapled wool has wonderful natural elasticity making it an ideal knitting yarn, and just like the sheep it will improve any blend into which it introduced. As a bonus for the felters there is a little curl at the tip of medium fine staples. Weight 3-6 kg
Staple length 10-15 cm
Micron range 32 - 35 Lustre
Leicester Longwool
Fleece and Yarn The high quality fleece of a Leicester Longwool is dense, long, and silky with a fine lustre and even texture. It hangs in lock formation, freely without felting and varies in colour from cream to white, depending on the area and natural nutrients in the ground. The versatile fleece can be used in all crafts; Knitting, rug making , felting, artistry and the like. Although a particularly good natural colour the wool does take dye well, especially many of the lovely natural dyes now used. Staple length - 20-25 cm
Fleece weight - Average 6kg
Micron range - 35-38
Bluefaced Leicester Fleece Staple length - 8-15cm. Fleece weight - average 1 - 2kg. Micon range - around 26 Greyface Dartmoor Fleece The lustrous wool is long, curly and ideal for hardwearing products, carpet, tapestries blankets, cloth and serge. Staple length - 15-20cm. Fleece weight - average 7kg. Micon range - 40-42
Naturally Coloured
Hebridean Fleece The fleece is a double coat, with a short undercoat and a longer top coat. The locks are a long triangle in shape, wide at the bottom and tapering to the tips. The undercoat has a 'frizzy' look, because the crimps do not align - this gives wonderful bounce and resilience to the wool and anything spun from it. The colour can vary from very black, to grey or lighter brown, and shearling fleeces are often weathered brown at the tips. For a drama in felt then Hebridean is an ideal Fleece Staple length - 5-15 cm
Fleece weight - Average 1.75 kg
Micron range - 35+ Jacob Yarn Duel coloured fleeces allow spinners to develop yarns ranging from dark brown / black though 50 shades of grey to white. Staple length - 5-15cm. Fleece weight - average 1.75 kg. Micon range - 35 Additional Naturally Coloured Fleeces The Ryelands of the Harcourt Flock are coloured.
The Harcourt Bluefaced Leicesters are in both white and coloured varieties.

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