Leicester Longwool

The high quality fleece of a Leicester Longwool is dense, long, and silky with a fine lustre and even texture. It hangs in lock formation, freely without felting and varies in colour from cream to white, depending on the area and natural nutrients in the ground. The versatile fleece can be used in all crafts; Knitting, rug making , felting, artistry and the like. Although a particularly good natural colour the wool does take dye well, especially many of the lovely natural dyes now used.


Staple length - 20-25 cm

Fleece weight - Average 6kg

Micron range - 35-38


Raw Fleece
Sold out - Order now for 2020
Knitting Yarns
Natural DK £10 for 100g skeen
Washed and Carded Batts
Sold out

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