Harcourt Blends

Having a number of pure bred native breeds allows us to provide a range of fleeces for our craft colleagues. This also allows us to develop unique fleeces blended together from our  fine single 'malts' to create unique blends. These include Greyface Dartmoore crossed with Beaumont sheep,  producing a long luscious yet fine fleece. A Portland Hebridean cross prioducing a white soft fleece. Greyface dartmore criossed with Portland which looks like an interesting curley soft fleece on the lambs, the results will be known a shearing time. From our Leicester family we have a Berrichon du Cher cross with mule and we await the outcome of this blend with interest with both paternal breeds having Disley Leiceseter influence. To request any of these blends please get in touch via our contact page.

...unique fleeces blended together from our  fine
single 'malts'...

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