Welsh Black Mountain

One day we open our curtains and found this young man, having passed our ewe field trying to get into our Tup holding. He had been observed in the fields nearby for a couple of days, abandoned and alone, but he decided where his new friends were. So after some time in isolation, and after exhaustive search for owners, he settled in with our Rams. We have had him castrated so he now can wonder where he wishes, and is kept for his fleece

Developed in the Welsh Hills from black sheep that occurred in the Welsh Mountain breed. Around the late 19thcentury, Welsh shepherds began to breed the black sheep, selecting for a finer fleece and improved body conformation. The resulting breed, called Black Welsh Mountain, was recognized in 1922.



Prolific and undemanding, hardy and self-reliant. They produce premium quality, lean meat with an excellent meat to bone ratio and a full flavour. There is some observed knowledge that they have some resistance to fly strike and foot rot.

The wool is black, short, thick and firm to handle, an average adult fleece is around 2 kg.



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